The Flood

10 Mar


Courtesy: I do write poems since I was 10 years old. Neither of it was good enough to be published. But today I am going to publish the poem  “The Flood”, symbolizing my flow of publishing my own secret document . It has been written by me when I was in 17 years old.

The  Kosi River in Bihar, one of India’s poorest and most populous states, jumped its banks on 25th July,2007 after a dam burst in bordering Nepal, causing the worst floods in the area in 50 years. Almost 13 million Indians were affected by it. There was a lot of furore about Bihar Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar’s visit to Mauritius the next day when his own state was reeling from this devastation. The political tussles have become a sort of rituals. And the flood victims are forgotten as soon as the flood recedes.  During the event of political game, innocent people are left uncared for.

This incident had ignited the flame in me to write for the flood victims and their blending of emotions. Mere sharing of essential commodities is not enough. We need to stand by them and help them in rejuvenation and gaining confidence to lead a better life ahead.

Here is my poem:-

It was a cool Wednesday Morning,

            With cool breeze  blowing.

The trees radiated shafts of light

            As  the sun  shone quite bright.

The people were rejoicing and enthusiastic

            Of having  a day such a wonderful one and fantastic.


But one day when you find,

            That there’s no one behind

But you and only you,

            In the midst of water

With all your dreams shattered,

            Of  living happily ever after.


Not a single hope of life

            But death is always hovering in the mind.

No food to eat, no proper clothes to wear,

            No house to remain and no hope of dear ones to regain.

Shattered dreams everywhere

            Causing  everyone  to fear.


Do you know the emotions

            And the feelings of all combinations

That which is created in your mind

            And seems to follow you always behind?

Forced optimism along with despair

            Seeing the  conditions which can’t be repaired.

One prays to God all the time

            To show a miracle and add  shine.

With zeal and one-ness to save others ,one helps

            Even at the cost of losing his pulse.

This prevails in the mind

            Giving boldness each time.


Running for morsels or packets thrown

            Is a scene often seen when hunger reigns on top of the throne.

To satiate even the slightest of

            Hunger, pain, epidemic and thunder.

Even one jumps on food for oneself to feed

            Even without glancing sometimes at others’ need.


Seeing the constant wait for others’ grace

            One should donate whole-heartedly if that is the case.

Have you thought who is faulty for this?

            Obviously the ones with power and even those who tease

The nature who is our protector

            And also those who are merely hypocrite actors

This happens all due to greed of wealth of his,

            But he knows not wealth is where public health is.


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