Journey through the past(Asutosh College)

8 Mar

Being discarded from medical preliminary exam and from good government Engineering Colleges,life at Asutosh started with full of fear and anxiety.A common question was “Will i be able to prove myself worthy?Will i be able to add pride to my family’s life.” And there were various such related questions. Prayers to God and flame in heart helped me start my first day with full courage and confidence. I decided that i’ll not help myself deteriorate my condition anymore and just work hard to never reduce that confidence. Sometimes maintenance of status is more difficult than creation. Soon life started with its own flow. Sticking to Teachers’ good suggestions and selection of friends were a tough task as thought before but life itself showed me the right path. Things went on very smoothly. Soon our reverent HOD, Gautam Mahapatra sir became my mentor. An unknown subject like Computer Science became very interesting. I had also chosen a gang of friends with whom i liked hanging out in leisures. Sudhakshina Dasgupta mam was like a friend too in disguise. Teachers really helped us flourish. Year after year,results were out. My performance once upgraded and once degraded. Comparing with my own performance,though it was not upto my expectation but it was not bad either. The most positive part of it was that i am now in my dream university of which i had dreamt of since i joined Asutosh College.Really miss and cherish those glorious days.


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